How do I fix the Windows activate glitch?

How do I fix the Windows activate glitch?

How do I fix the Windows activate glitch?

Solution 1: Change the Product Key from KMS to MAC An error occurred during activation and threw you the error code 0x8007232b. This case is not rare.
Solution 2: Run Your Network Troubleshooter Alternatively, you can also run the network troubleshooter to solve error code 0x8007232b.
Solution 3: Install MAK You can also install MAK to fix the Windows 10 error code 0x8007232b.

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How do I activate Windows with error 0x8007232B?

Navigate to: Settings > Update & Security > Troubleshoot > Advanced troubleshooters > Network adapters > Run the exact troubleshooter. When the scanning and resolution processes are completed, restart your computer and check if the Windows trigger error code 0x8007232b is resolved or not.

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How do I fix the Windows activate glitch?

Select Start > Settings > Update & Security > Activation, then use Troubleshoot to access the activation troubleshooter. For more information about the current troubleshooter, see Using the activation troubleshooter.

What does Error Code 0x8007232B mean?

0x8007232B DNS name may not exist
The KMS client cannot retrieve the KMS server resource records (RR SRV) in DNS.

How do you fix DNS name does not exist Windows 10?

In the user interface, go to Start > My Computer > Properties.
In the Activation Window section, click Change Product Key.
Enter your new Multiple Activation Key (MAK).
Select Activate the Windows product key you just entered.
Select Start > All > Accessories.

Reinstalling network adapters has the ability to fix the DNS server not staying on Windows. Start by pressing the Windows key (present on the last line on the left) and at the same time c. The menu will appear. Select each device manager column. Now select the actual network adapter and press its delete key.

This MiniTool post contains several methods collected to solve this problem, so please read it quickly. DNS server unavailable is a probable error that occurs in Windows 10 due to incorrect DNS or Internet settings, incorrect address, DNS and the same reasons.

However, the trigger may also fail because the KMS server is currently down or scheduled for maintenance. If the problem is indeed related to a specific KMS server, the following steps will fix the main error 0x8007232b and activate some windows.

This error can occur if the computer you are trying to activate does not have a primary DNS server registered in the interop properties and the message you set can. This error can also appear when you are not connected to the Internet or when the main activation server is quickly unavailable.

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