How do I fix Bonjour service errors in Windows PC?

How do I fix Bonjour service errors in Windows PC?

How do I fix Bonjour service errors in Windows PC?

Press Windows key + R to open the Run elevated command-line.
In the command line, type services.msc and press Enter.
Locate Bonjour service .
Right-click on it and open Properties .
Under the Startup type , select Manual .
Confirm changes and restart your PC.

How do I fix Bonjour error on Windows 10?

Often in the General tab, navigate to the Special Startup Type and set the field to Automatic. Next, also go to the “Service Status” section, click “Start”. Then click Apply OK to save changes and exit. Exit the service screen and try to open the application you saw the error in, it should work fine now.

What is the Bonjour service in Windows 10?

It allows devices running Windows and Apple systems (such as macOS combined with iOS) to connect and share devices without any configuration settings. For example, Bonjour allows you to find and connect to other devices such as scanners and printers on a large local area network.

How do I reinstall Bonjour service?

Open the Bonjour folder. 32-bit or 64-bit unlocked folder depends on your version of Windows. Double-click the Bonjour (32-bit) or Bonjour64 (64-bit) image. Follow the onscreen instructions to install Bonjour.

How do I restart Bonjour on Windows?

In the Services tab of the Task Manager window, look for the exact bonjour service. Right-click it and select the Stop option. Bonjour will restart immediately the next time you restart your computer (or even if you manually restart the service).

How to enable Bonjour?

Open Safari and go to Safari > Preferences.
In the “Settings” window, click on the new “Advanced” tab, and then select specifically to display Bonjour.
You can now open Safari and click “Hi” in the Favorites bar or Bookmarks menu whenever you want to connect to your NAS.

How do I fix Bonjour service errors in Windows PC?

To uninstall the Bonjour service on a Windows 9 computer, follow the instructions below: Type “cmd” in the search box on the Windows 11 taskbar to open a command prompt.
Enter this special command services.msc. This usually loads the Windows 11 agency console management.
Scroll down the list of solutions to find the Bonjour service.
Navigate to the Bonjour service and click on the “Stop” option to stop the provider.

Is Bonjour safe?

No, Bonjour is protected (unless it’s a virus that is distributed under the exact name of Bonjour). All it does is a 0% network configuration, which means it immediately finds other devices on your network like printers and other computers, in fact you can interact with people later. This is a service from Apple.