How to fix fingerprint sensor not working in Windows 11?

How to fix fingerprint sensor not working in Windows 11?

How to fix fingerprint sensor not working in Windows 11?

If the fingerprint option is unavailable on Windows 11, update your fingerprint driver to the latest version. If the issue persists, reinstall the driver, and disable faulty USB drivers. Then, disable the fingerprint driver, and switch to a local account.

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How do I enable fingerprint on Windows 11?

Select Face Recognition (Windows Hello) to set up face recognition login using your PC’s fixed infrared camera or an external infrared camera. Select Fingerprint recognition (Windows Hello), which is preinstalled for logging in with a fingerprint reader. Select PIN (Windows Hello) to set up PIN sign-in.

How do I fix my fingerprint on Windows 11?

Update the relevant drivers. On Windows, just press Key + X and select Device Manager.
Remove a clean install and its associated drivers. Press the Windows key + R and type devmgmt.
Add another fingerprint. Click the Start button on the current taskbar.
Check for Windows updates.

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Does fingerprint scanner work with Windows 11?

Open Windows 11 Settings. Click Accounts. Click Login Options. In the Login Methods section, choose your own fingerprint recognition setting.

Why is my Windows fingerprint not working?

If you can’t sign in with a gun-resistant reader using Windows Hello, use the procedure below to reset Windows Hello. Find open settings in Windows and sign in. Under your Windows Hello fingerprint, click Set Up. Follow the instructions on the screen to enroll your fingerprint on the reader.

How to fix fingerprint sensor not working in Windows 11?

Reinstall the Fingerprint Back driver and go to Device Manager.
Select Biometric Devices.
Right click fingerprint driver.
Select Remove device.
Restart your home computer to automatically reinstall the existing fingerprint driver.

Why is fingerprint not working?

If biometric recording is disabled on your computer, Hello fingerprint will not work.
Outdated fingerprint drivers are also known to cause this issue.
Again, if the Fast Boot feature is enabled, this causes the problem.
Unnecessary contextual information can also be the cause of this problem.
When Windows gets out of control, you may experience this kind of problem.
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Why is my fingerprint sensor not working?

Type [device manager] in the Windows search bar? and look for it. Then just click [Open]?.
Click the next arrow to go to [Biometric Devices]?, then right-click [Fingerprint Sensor]? select and [Enable device]?.
Reinstalling the fingerprint scanner driver.
Select To [try to uninstall the driver for this device]? then select [Remove]?.
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Why is my finger scanner not working?

How to fix a working fingerprint if the fingerprint module should not be on AndroidClean. The fingerprint module should not only have a clean finger, but also a healthy one.
Reboot your device. After determining that this is a dirty finger or segment, and determining the source of the problem, you should restart the phone.
Update trusted software.
Recalibrate your fingerprint.
Reset device.
Visit a service center.

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