What is Azure point-2-site VPN error 798?

What is Azure point-2-site VPN error 798?

What is Azure point-2-site VPN error 798?

(Error 798) This problem occurs if the client certificate is missing from Certificates – Current User\Personal\Certificates. Open Certificate Manager: Click Start, type manage computer certificates, and then click manage computer certificates in the search result.

(Error 798) This issue occurs when the certificate client does not contain certificates – Current UserPersonalCertificates. Open Certificate Manager: Click Start, type “Manage Computer Certificates”, then click “Manage Computer Certificates” in the search results. Can’t connect to Azure VPN?

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What was the Azure VPN error error 798?

Azure VPN error No certificate found that can be used with Extensible Authentication Protocol. (Error 798) – Azure VPN stack overflow error. Could not find a certificate that could previously be used with Extensible Authentication Protocol.

What is Azure point-2-site VPN error 798?

When attempting to contact the Azure network through a Windows-based VPN client (Point 2 site) and the connection fails (ERROR 798): No certificate found for use with this Extensible Authentication Protocol. (Error 798) What is a Point 2 site? pearl

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How do you fix a certificate could not be found that can be used with this Extensible Authentication Protocol error 798?

Azure virtual private network error. Failed to obtain a certificate that can be used with a specific extensible authentication protocol. (Error 798)

  • Create a self-signed certificate with the store’s FQDN on the local laptop;
  • Add this self-signed certificate as a trusted certificate. Copy the new certificate to Trusted Root Certification Authorities.

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